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0006104Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Taskspublic2012-07-18 10:492012-12-25 09:58
Knight Otu 
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0006104: Pig iron bars option redded out, but I can produce them by queuing them in the manager screen
For some reason, I cannot tell my magma smelters to produce pig iron bars directly, but if I request it via the manager, the bars are produced sucessfully.
Try to smelt a pig iron bar with a magma furnace
I have not tried to ask for pig iron via a regular smelter yet.
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duplicate of 0000434resolved Toady One Reaction jobs (unlike other jobs) don't look outside burrow for workers and raw materials (works through manager) 
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2012-07-18 10:51   
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By the way, I am trying to smelt with charcoal rather than coke. I am also using marble as flux.

2012-07-18 16:51   
Probably a duplicate of 0000434.
2012-07-18 18:56   
If it's not a burrows issue, make sure that if you have stockpiles set to give to your forge that the stockpile(s) giving to the forge have iron, flux, *and* charcoal. If the sum of all of the stockpiles giving to the forge don't include those three things you won't be able to make pig iron. Add pig iron to that list if you want to make steel too.
2012-07-19 08:17   
Please confirm whether or not you are using burrows, Inglonias.
2012-07-19 17:19   
Have a burrow, but it isn't active. Incedentally, I think you were correct about that bug. Adding a marble stockpile to an area in the burrow fixes the bug. Thanks!
Knight Otu   
2012-07-22 01:16   
Marking as a duplicate, then.