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0006208Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2012-09-24 12:342014-07-25 15:20
Toady One 
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0006208: "Lost grudge to tragedy" happiness penalty is broken
The thought for losing a grudge ("an annoying acquaintance") to tragedy calculates its happiness penalty based on the dwarf's SYMPATHY personality trait; however, there are two rather large bugs in this logic:

1. It's using the trait value as-is (i.e. 0-100 value) instead of translating it to a tier number (i.e. 0-8 value) based on range (as is done with the ALTRUISM trait for giving food/water/rescue), yet it proceeds to treat the value as if it was a tier number.
2. The conversion from tier number to happiness multiplier (of +5 to -5) is completely broken - "if (sympathy > 1) mult = 5; else if (sympathy > 2) mult = 4; else if (sympathy > 3) mult = 3; etc.".

As a result of these two bugs, a completely unsympathetic dwarf will get a very happy thought from the death of a grudge, but any dwarf with even a gain of sympathy (even if it still "would never let an objective judgement be tempered by mercy or pity") will get a strong unhappy thought.

Both of these bugs also affect the logic for displaying the thought text in the unit's Thoughts and Preferences.

These appear to date back to version
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Toady One   
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Looks like this got cleaned up with 0.40.01 and the new cruelty facet.