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0000622Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Diplomacypublic2010-04-06 07:312012-04-08 00:26
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0000622: Diplomat leaves unhappy if expedition leader gets a mood while doing talks
If you have a diplomat (in this case a dwarven one) in the process of conducting a meeting with the trader/leader of your fort, and at the same time your trader/leader gets a strange mood, then all diplomacy will immediately stop and you will receive the message "A diplomat has left unhappy".
Wait for your trader/leader to get a mood while talking to a diplomat.
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has duplicate 0003430resolved Logical2u mayor taken by strange mood - diplomat leaves unhappy 
has duplicate 0005524resolved Logical2u Diplomat unhappy about leaders mood 
child of 0000576confirmed Footkerchief Diplomat "Leaves Unhappily" if expedition leader dies 
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2010-04-28 13:50   
Looks like this has been around a while:

# 000621 □ [dwarf mode][diplomacy] liaison leaves immediately if leader is in a strange mood
2010-05-02 06:48   
I can confirm that this still happens in 0.31.03 - the moment my expedition leader entered a mood, my dwarven diplomat left unhappy (which was inconvenient as it was very eary in my fortress and I really wanted to request things)
2011-06-24 02:41   
0.31.25 - confirmed
2012-04-01 23:12   
Why it is supposed to be a bug?
*"leader gets a mood while doing talks" - seems to be intended
*"Diplomat "Leaves Unhappily"" - good reaction for dwarf stopping his meeting and searching for dog leather
2012-04-02 12:12   
Mainly because a very similar bug was on the old bug list:

000621 □ [dwarf mode][diplomacy] liaison leaves immediately if leader is in a strange mood

2012-04-02 17:18   
Not that this is a democracy, but I would vote for this not being a bug. As Kogut argues, it seems like a perfectly reasonable reaction on the part of the liaison.

It's different from leaving if the leader "is in a strange mood" - the liaison generally seems patient, and if he'll wait for months while the leader is in the hospital, he should wait till the mood is finished. But if the mood actually interrupts a meeting, well, that's just rude.
2012-04-08 00:26   
In 0.34.07, if your expedition leader enters a mood before the dwarf liaison arrives, then the liaison will immediately leave unhappy once they enter the map with the traders.