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0006396Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2013-12-17 06:452014-01-07 20:05
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0006396: Adventurer suicides in volcano, Legends reports he died of a blowgun dart.
Urist KeyControlled lost his ability to grasp in a fight. After trying a new life as dabbling biter, he decided to throw himself in a volcano, a honorable death for a dwarf.

"You are melting, you are melting, you are dead."

I look for him in the Legends database and find out that posterity remembers him as "That guy who died from a blowgun dart". This is not totally off, he was actually shot by a dart during the fight in which he lost his ability to grasp. It is possible that this dart was the last injury he received before melting.
Fortress mode, build stairs up a volcano. Adventure mode: go there and jump in it.
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It probably should have reported that you burned to death (or "melted" or "bled to death") after being mortally wounded by a blowgun dart.
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I had one where I killed a cat, and then some time later, was shoved down a pit by a quest boss (I think it was a vampire). The kill was attributed to the cat.