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0006436: Items frozen into ice which then melts vanish until the tile is re-frozen and mined
If you have items in water and the water freezes and then melts the items disappear. If the water freezes again and you dig the tiles out the items reappear.
I have a save file set up to demonstrate this. It uses magma to heat a chamber full of water. There is a room with a row of levers to control everything. The numbers in the instructions bellow refer to them from left to right. Hit F2 to bring you back to the levers.

* Download this save and start it up:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14508972/region1.zip [^]

* Notice the boulders in the room with the floodgates

* Pull the 2nd and 3rd levers

* Pull the 4th lever and once the room is full of water pull it again

* Pull the 2nd and 3rd levers

* Once the ice has set pull the 2nd and 3rd levers

* In the water there will be no boulders any more

* Pull the 2nd and 3rd levers

* Mine the tiles out and the boulders will reappear
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duplicate of 0004600resolved Toady One Items frozen in ice are unrecoverable; building on previously iced square crashes game. 
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Looks like a duplicate of 0000895