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0006440Dwarf FortressArtistic Images (engravings etc)public2014-02-21 08:262014-07-23 10:28
Toady One 
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0006440: Art facet modifiers not properly applied for creature images, casting wrong pointer
When trading decorated items with caravans, items bearing images of creatures are intended to adjust their value according to certain properties (e.g. GOOD, EVIL, FANCIFUL, OWN_RACE), but this logic does not appear to work correctly.

It looks like it's trying to caste a pointer of type "art_image_elementst" to "art_image_element_creaturest", but it's using the pointer for the art_image itself rather than the element within it; as a result, the race/caste values are complete garbage (specifically, pointers inside an std::vector).
This was found during analysis of version and subsequently confirmed to still exist in version 0.34.11.
binary patch
related to 0001285acknowledged Dwarfu Figurine motifs do not influence value during trade 
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2014-02-21 08:30   
Effectively, the code appears to be as follows:

art_image *img = improvements[i]->getImage();
if (img->elements[i]->getType() == ART_IMAGE_ELEMENT_CREATURE) {
   art_image_element_creaturest *element = (art_image_element_creaturest *)img; // should be img->elements[i]
   value += getCreatureImageValue(entity, element->race, element->caste);
2014-02-25 20:16   
And now that this bug has been tagged with "binary patch", I feel obligated to actually provide one:

Win32 0.34.11 SDL:
0x01305A5 : 0F B7 4E 08 66 8B 46 0C -> 66 8B 41 0C 0F B7 49 08