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0000646Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Militarypublic2010-04-06 11:412015-12-26 10:56
0000646: Military Dwarfs being assigned either two left or right gauntlets
For some reason, when I assign my two dwarfs their copper gauntlets in the military screen, they are assigned two gloves meant for the same hand, and they will use only one.
- Forge two pairs of (copper?) gauntlets.
- Assign two military dwarves to use gauntlets.
- Look at the 'm' -> 'e' -> 'V' screen and behold your dwarves being assigned their two same-handed gauntlets.
I had exactly enough gloves for my two dwarves when I tried to equip them.
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duplicate of 0000304resolved Toady One Equipment assignments don't respect handedness (gauntlets) 
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