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0000065Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Tradepublic2010-04-01 18:282014-07-11 20:29
Toady One 
0000065: Mugs not a category in "Bring to trade depot" menu
This is an old issue. There is no category for mugs in the Bring to Trade Depot screen.
1. Produce some mugs.
2. Construct a trade depot.
3. Wait for caravan to arrive.
4. Open Bring to Trade Depot screen.
5. Mugs can only be found under the "all" category.
Fixed in 0.40.01?, trade
related to 0001732resolved lethosor "Prepared meals" not listed at trade depot except in "all" 
has duplicate 0000889closed Footkerchief "move goods to/fro depot" window does not display mugs 
has duplicate 0002899resolved Dwarfu Mugs don't appear in the trade screen 
related to 0003043new  No furniture option in trade 
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2010-04-08 14:13   
Mugs never have been listed there. You can bring them up by using the select function. Mechanisms and (some?) other furniture are the same way.
2010-04-09 12:50   
(edited on: 2010-04-09 12:51)
No you can't. Mugs do not appear at all if you type them in the select function. Nor do they appear in the 'all' category. At least in my case.

2010-04-09 14:13   
(edited on: 2010-04-09 14:42)
Resolved? (Same old as 40d - workaround is to have them put in bins and use the select function to find 'finished good bins'. After all, you don't really want your dwarves to carry hundreds of single mugs to the depot anyway, no?)

2010-04-09 19:18   
Not resolved. Other crafts can be selected in "crafts" tab and brought to the trade depot by the bin.

This is definitely a bug, because mugs are unique from all other finished goods in that they do not show up in any form in the bring to/from screen.
2010-04-09 19:23   
If your bin has nothing but mugs, it won't show up in the crafts section. If it has one pig tail earring as well, it will. A bin full of mugs can only be sent to the depot by filtering the 'all' list for "finished goods bin" and selecting the appropriate one. Also, there's no specific way to display all bins in your fort, full or empty, without using the same method.
2010-08-16 15:47   
Mugs are not "crafts", are they? This is a suggestion, not a bug.
2010-08-16 16:10   
If we're allowed to suggest things that should be on the "trade at the depot" menu, may I bring up prepared meals? Please?
2010-11-25 06:40   
Lots of little glitches like this could be fixed if a common interface for specifying items by form/material/quality/quantity were implemented. Obviously there is a lot of experimentation going on, this being a pre-alpha game and all. I don't think the bug tracker is really the appropriate place to express opinions as to what menu options we want to see, though. The official message forum has a "Suggestions" board for that.
2014-07-11 18:10   
Mugs now appear in the "All" category and can be selected via "S"elect as of 40.02. This includes bins filled with nothing but mugs

Should this bug be fixed, or is the fact it's not under "Craft" a bug?
2014-07-11 20:29   
I think that's enough to call this fixed, yeah.