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0006534Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Viewpublic2014-07-07 19:062014-07-24 12:25
Toady One 
0006534: Wild animals and invaders appear as "missing" on missing/dead tab
A manera and a Wraith of Shadow randomly appears as Missing under the U screen's missing/dead tab. I haven't breached the caverns or hell yet.
Run fortress mode for any length of time.
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2014-07-07 19:13   
I can confirm this. This is probably because we haven't found the corpses yet, if we found the corpse, it'd probably become deceased.

I can also confirm that HFS creatures are coming up too, when I haven't reached HFS either.
2014-07-07 19:27   
Also, special thing to note, some birds are just spontaneously quitting flying in mid-flight, leading to their deaths.
2014-07-07 19:34   
I killed a dingo on a fresh embark and it shows up as "missing" as well, so I don't think it's related to finding the corpse.
2014-07-07 20:16   
Can also confirm. Despite not encountering any caverns or caves, I have a Cave Dragon listed as missing in my embark
2014-07-07 20:35   
The midflight deaths are covered by 0006545.
2014-07-07 21:55   
I can confirm, I have a number of kea and crundles (the kea I mostly killed) listing as missing, havent reached the caverns.
2014-07-08 08:17   
I have a few Snow Brutes listed as missing, well before a basic outpost is established, let alone HFS breached.
2014-07-09 12:30   
I had a troglodyte and a Troll in my fort, turns out they were killed by antpeople. Isn't specific to unseen animals either, a zombie and echidna my militia killed in a different fort are missing as well.
Amena Ralikema   
2014-07-17 13:11   
My militia just killed a human pikeman. Despite the fact that the death was well-witnessed, the pikeman is listed as "missing". The only creatures listed as deceased are the animals I've butchered.

I think that there are two separate issues here. I suggest changing the bug title/summary.