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0006568Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit-Job Screenpublic2014-07-07 22:352014-07-07 22:38
0006568: Permitted jobs tags don't work in a new way -- different from previous versions
In DF 2012, if you removed [PERMITTED_JOB:MASON] or whatever from the entity text file, it made it so that you could not assign mason points at embark, but then still could turn on mason skill in game.

Now, what changed is that removing the permitted job tag now allows me to still assign points at embark, whereas it did not before

As before, if you remove the job permission tags for all of the jobs in a whole industry group (such as carpentry, bowyer and woodcutter all together), then you cannot assign points in embark or turn them on in game.
1) Remove a job permission entity tag
2) Can still assign that job points in embark, as well as turn it on in game.

If removing all jobs in a category, they all disappear and cannot be assigned points or turned on/off.
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