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0006705Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2014-07-08 13:042014-09-11 14:47
Toady One 
0006705: Traveling NPCs agree to join you, but don't stop their route
If you meet a npc traveling in the wild, going to another place, for any reason, and talk to him, asking for him to join you, even if he accepts he won't stop going where he was going, that is, he will never follow you. He continues to walk/run/whatever until he disappears from your companion's list.

To test, I did this with every npc I found that was traveling, and to everyone the result was the same.

I asked them to join me in adventure, not to go to a specific place. Even then, it looks clear there is a problem.
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2014-07-08 13:10   
I sort of had this happen to me, as in, he continued walking for maybe 50 squares or so, and then came to me and acted like a normal follower.

Have not yet encountered any other travelling npcs so I'm not sure how rare this would be.
2014-07-08 13:41   
In my case I tried to follow them but maybe my character was too slow, because they disappeared.
2014-07-10 06:55   
0006944:0025520: "Okay so upon researching this problem further i have found out that by asking said soldier to halt and then afterwards asking him to follow you again, he will do so."
2014-07-10 07:10   
Indeed, I can confirm this happening. It is more sensible if you hadn't to tell them that, though.
2014-08-03 03:45   
In a recent play, some companions that were traveling with me simply disappeared. I then met them camped near where I recruited them, still my companions, and then I asked them to follow me...what they did for some time, and then started going away from me. I talked with one of them and the option to ask why they were traveling appeared, and they told me they were on "an important mission".
As they were hearth person from the same lord as I was, I supposed this is a problem with orders being generated by the lord that somehow get to them. Maybe it is another bug, but it is related with this one.