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0006743Dwarf FortressTypos/Grammarpublic2014-07-08 17:452014-07-23 14:56
Toady One 
0006743: "he respect perseverence" in Thoughts/Preferences
1) The word is currently spelled "perseverence", but it should be "perseverance".

2) The string for a slightly positive attitude towards perseverance is conjugated wrong. It is currently "respect perseverence"; it should be "respects perseverance".
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has duplicate 0007340resolved Dwarfu "He personally respect perseverance" 
child of 0006822resolved Toady One Misspelled words in the executable 
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2014-07-09 19:31   
The "extremely high attitude" text also starts with "believe" rather than "believes" (e.g. "He believe that perseverence is one of the greatest qualities somebody can have").