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0000681Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-04-06 18:452012-03-17 07:12
Toady One 
0000681: Legless/footless dwarfs are ignored by healthcare
Any dwarf that lost his lower limbs completely is left on his own, even if moved to hospital.
Health status shows that no treatment needed, but 'standing ability is lost'.
They should at least get crutches to walk, right?
1. Sever off leg or foot of any dwarf
2. Watch him lying in hospital for many years, doing nothing
0.31.08, 0.31.13, 0.31.21, diagnosis, wounds
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2010-04-06 23:17   
I had a similar thing happen to my dwarf except she lost her left forearm and left hand instead. She never needed medical attention or rest. After the fight, during which it was lopped off, she picked up work as if nothing happened. She can't grasp anything with that hand but that doesn't seem to slow her masonry work down any.
2010-04-09 02:56   
I can confirm this, my dwarf has severed nerves but gets no crutch assigned.
2010-04-09 21:56   
I'd like to also confirm this. The worst part of this bug is that the dwarf in question is caught in limbo - they will forever "Rest", but because the doctor thinks he did everything he could he'll never look at them again.
Jiri Petru   
2010-05-06 16:13   
(edited on: 2010-05-06 16:14)
I have a dwarf that lost the ability to stand because of a fractured foot. He's already been treated, the leg is immobilised and everything, now he has no treatment scheduled, but still has "ability to stand lost".

He has not recieved a crutch and is lying down in the hospital, doing "No job". He can be drafted and issued orders, like "station" or "defend burrows" and will actually try to follow them, but he keeps lying on the spot.

I doubt they will feed him...

2010-06-22 08:19   
My Expedition leader was a part of my primary defense group and got his right hand ripped of by a Draltha... Now it just says "Ability to grasp somewhat impaired". No wounds are present although you'd think that the stub of the right arm would need cleaning, stitches and dressing?

No evaluated wounds and no diagnosis required.
2010-07-02 02:49   
Confirmed again as well. I'm having the same issue after one of my military dwarves had his left foot lopped off by a Kobold. He now sits in the hospital Resting, no further treatment or diagnosis scheduled.
2010-07-02 08:33   
My guess is its releated to how Toady removed Phantom Pains, he just made it so a severed foot (dark grey) actually vanishes from the dwarf's wound menu

Strange way of doing it but I guess the doctor gets confused (His leg isnt listed as dark grey, its missing from his wounds screen entirly, he must not be born with a leg, nothing wrong) <- What the doctor thinks.
2010-07-03 10:51   
Well, when ordering a wrestler and hammerman to attack a squad a grizzly bear shook him around and tore both nerves in his foot (see? I told you shaking severs nerves too easily) Now hes just in hospital as I type getting treated, his health screen says NOTHING about crutches.
2010-07-07 14:20   
I don't know whether a save after the diagnosis is very helpful, but
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2638 [^]
has two dwarfs who have been bedbound for several years. They're in the beds in the silty-clay room to the west of the starting cursor. (One of them is flashing with a red +; they both have the title "WOUNDED").

Neither of two dwarfs can walk. They both received medical treatment while there were plenty of crutches available (both in boxes in the hospital they were in *and* in bins outside the hospital).

A save file during/before the diagnosis of someone who ends up with this problem would probably be helpful, if anyone ends up with one.
2010-07-29 06:10   
(edited on: 2010-07-29 06:15)
In my experience dwarves can get stuck in the hospital forever if they get an infection anywhere - it seems to stop any further treatment, even if the infection is recovered from?

I'm not sure but I have wounded dwarves who have spent years in the hospital, never getting better, occasionally getting infected. I even had a child grow to adult status, having been injured as a kid and never getting better or getting treatment, even though other dwarves have received all possible treatements (even casting, by some miracle) and there are dwarves with all healthcare choices enabled with "No Job".

Another dwarf lost a hand but his arm and shoulder were never treated - he went on to be a pretty productive miner anyway until a cave in, after which no doctor will treat him and he is bedridden with lots of red injuries.

The only thing I can see in common is that both were infected at one point. I think the kid got infected while a doctor was at a well....

2010-08-03 04:53   
I have a dwarf that is still in the hospital with a missing lower right leg, and broken hip. Been that for maybe half a year. Gets fed as usual. No treatment. However, had something odd happen. Got a strange mood. He walked, with 1 leg, over to jewelers and made an artifact, then went back to the hospital.
2010-08-04 10:48   
I'm having the same problem for a dwarf with nerve damage in his leg in 31.12. Never had an infection that I saw, but has never been given a crutch. It seems my hospital doesn't stock them, despite a crutch stockpile inside the hospital. (My attempt to force the issue.) At this point the dwarf is showing no injuries in his thoughts. I might just have to find a way to injure him and see if that restarts the process for him.
2010-08-04 11:57   
albinocaveslug, it would be helpful to upload a save demonstrating that problem to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2010-08-28 09:14   
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3006 [^]
this may be of some help: 3 dwarves at hospital for ever. 2 suffer from infections and broken parts, 1 from nothing else than "ability to stand lost". Crutches are available in the fortress, as anything else which could be needed.
2010-11-14 11:24   
It is not only legs and arms - it seems any severed parts do this. I had a soldier with a severed nose go on without treatment and later die of an infection.

Really needs a fix.
Toady One   
2011-03-13 05:39   
The current state now with fixes applied is that dwarves with one leg or a broken leg will use a crutch, and dwarves without legs or that can't use either leg but are otherwise treated and healthy will just move around slowly on the ground. There could be more for legless dwarves later, but it is out of bug territory now.