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0006921: Farmers planting seeds that disappear
This also relates to the bug occurring when farms revert to winter only settings - aka, the (underground) farms are only able to grow plump helmets and dimple cups, regardless of month / availability of seeds.
I also found that the farmers would plant the seeds that were originally assigned to these plots before the glitch above occurred, but the crop would appear, then disappear several frames later
difficult since it requires another glitch to happen first... but
1. build farm underground - grow anything but plump helms or dimple cups
2. encounter the bug with seasonal problems
3. make sure you still have the seeds for the original crop, and watch your dwarves plant them, then disappear
I realise fixing the original bug will most likely remove the need for this one, but I feel I should bring it up in case it has other effects
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duplicate of 0000747resolved Toady One Planting of seeds allowed even if too late in the season 
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I believe this is actually a duplicate of http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=747 [^]
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Good call, thanks!