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0006973: People do not react when you light fires underneath them.
I lit a fire under a dwarf and paced around for a bit. He did not react in any way to the fire, and predictably bled to death. Furthermore, the fire doesn't spread to any of the surrounding vegetation. I find this disappointing, but a great way to grieve the populous.
1) Find a dwarf, elf, human, or whatever.
2) Make sure they are standing on a plant which you can ignite
3) Ignite the plant - you may also wish to make camp fires around them, or put up something that impedes movement. Not that they will actually try to move on account of the fire.
4) Wait around for a bit.
5) Take joy in the screams of grief and horror.
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This "bug" dates back to the original introduction of the "ignite plant" command back in version - if you start a fire beneath somebody's feet (or nearby, such that it spreads toward them), they just sit there and burn to death.