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0000007Dwarf FortressGeneralpublic2010-04-01 13:582010-06-09 06:46
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0000007: Immigrant (Tame) animals/pets not attached to owners
When an immigration wave arrives, tame animals arrive with the group but are not associated with owners.
Wait for an immigration wave that spawns animals. 'v'iew a peasant, 'z' for status, 'r'elationships = no pets listed. Also, 'z' for fortress status, select Animals = arrived animals listed as (Tame) but Owner shows "Unavailable". Also, 'v'iew a (Tame) immigrant animal = no owner displayed.
Need confirmation that this is indeed a bug.
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2010-04-01 21:50   
It seems some cats/kittens dogs/puppies do come assigned to owners - but I have yet to see any livestock type animals as pets, even though they arrive tamed.
2010-04-02 05:48   
(edited on: 2010-04-02 05:49)
If it's only livestock, maybe that's intended - they're livestock the dwarves bring for breeding and/or food. Did you check the migrants for whether they have a pref for the animals that they bring?

2010-04-03 08:03   
Toady's comment: "this is new. they are for eating/farm animals. I could do more to indicate that... stray is a weird word to be used."