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0000703Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Childcarepublic2010-04-07 03:152014-09-01 04:21
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0000703: Chained mother "cancels seek infant" until death from dehydration, and other imprisonment issues
Poor Rovod the surgeon, happily married and mother of a lovely dwarven baby, was framed by the evil mayor for "violation of production order" and sentenced to 101 days of imprisonment. She was taken to the jail and chained there. She then commenced trying to nurse her baby, which was sadly left lying somewhere, abandoned. The order was canceled, but she persisted trying to reach her infant to the exclusion of all else, including drinking and eating, although there was plenty to be had in the jail. She consequently died from dehydration.

This must be considered a case of bad job priority. Seeing how violations of production orders may hit just about anyone, this could be bad for a fort, although I suppose it's not a problem all that often.
1. Wait until a mother of an infant is jailed for whatever reason.
2. She will seek her infant and cancel the order, until she dies or is released.
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2010-04-07 10:54   
This almost seems like INABIAF to me.
2010-04-12 02:26   
Probably true, but not a very nice feature, if so.

This sad story did not end with the death of the mother, however. Some months after her demise, her baby, neglected by all the dwarves of the fortress, also died from dehydration. This was the last drop for the father, who in a fit of rage left his smelter and ran to the dormitory where the mayor lay sleeping. He assaulted her with his bare hands and teeth, until the hastily summoned militia put him down in a pool of blood and gore, as these things tend to end. The dwarves then continued going about their business, dragging the blood all over the fortress on their boots, staining the entire place a fittingly gruesome crimson.

At the very least, someone should try to look after the baby in the mother's absence, to avoid this kind of misery. Say the father, for instance.
2010-04-12 02:45   
The laws of dwarven childcare clearly state that if the mother is horribly killed for whatever reason, the infant shall be left to fend for himself among the kittens. As a dwarven father, it is his solemn duty to do nothing to aid the child in his plight. Especially not, like, give him anything to eat or drink. This helps ensure all dwarves grow up to be alcoholics.
Passive Fist   
2010-06-28 23:00   
I have also experienced this bug. Not only did it result in the death of two dwarfs but it spammed my log history until I turned off job cancellation reporting.
2010-09-12 21:04   
Also got this issue with an imprisoned dwarf mother. The child wasn't totally newborn but it was still an infant. I guess they took it away when she got chained up..

See log:

Deduk Itebathel, Administrator has ended a mandate.
Deduk Itebathel, Administrator has mandated the construction of certain goods.
Erush Idokol, Smith cancels Store Item in Bag: Seeking Infant.
Erush Idokol, Smith cancels Store Item in Bag: Seeking Infant.
Erush Idokol, Smith cancels Seek Infant: Infant inaccessible.

Commence spam..
2010-09-22 08:33   
Have this problem as well.
I also noticed that FPS dropped significaly when the mother chained, perhaps due the spamming of job cancelations. I don't have any hard data about how much it dropped since I didn't have FPS meter on, but the game was pretty fast (around 100+ FPS I would estimate) and now the game is literally crawling. Nothing else special had happened when the drop happened.
2011-07-17 12:04   
1) Confirmed in 0.31.25.

2) Happens *even if the infant in question was already deceased at the time imprisonment began*.
2012-04-08 10:27   
The solution is to deconstruct the chain that the mother is locked up with, and have no other chains available for justice. The mother will go grab her baby, and then take care of her own hunger/thirst. The guardsmen will then issue her a beating for not being in prison, but as long as she survives that, then both mother and baby will be fine.

More importantly, this stops the "seeking infant" spam.
Dame de la Licorne   
2014-09-01 04:21   
Confirming that this is still present in .40.10.