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0007068Dwarf FortressVegetationpublic2014-07-11 10:592014-09-12 11:41
Toady One 
0007068: Tile dug under tree trunk growing on rock is considered inside/light/aboveground
Tile dug under tree trunk growing on rock is considered inside/light/aboveground
1. Find a tree growing on rock (such as mudstone)
2. Dig under the tree trunk
3. Press k and observe tile under tree trunk

Actual: Tile is inside/light/aboveground

Expected: Tile is inside/dark/subterranean
Perhaps not an issue for trees growing in dirt because they disappear when their roots are mined (ID 0006749)
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related to 0007258resolved Toady One Outside areas marked as "Inside" 
related to 0007585resolved Toady One Trees channel light underground 
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2014-08-06 10:20   
Does this still occur in 0.40.06+?

2014-08-12 20:24   
It happened in a fresh install of 0.40.08. Maybe. I can't actually remember if I dug a root or not. Maybe it's 0007585.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9377 [^]