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0007125: Nobles go to live in goblin-controlled former capital, murder fellows.
During worldgen, goblin civ The Puce Plague took over Mirrorurges, capital of dwarf civ The Palisade of Fences, in 107.

In 108, a whole bunch of dwarves became new nobles. Most of these moved to the former capital of Mirrorurges, joining the goblin group The Terror of Trade controlling it but staying members of the dwarf parent civ. They also start murdering people, adopting goblin culture. This has continued up until the present day - someone gets promoted to Baron, they up sticks and join the occupying goblins.

My guess is that the site didn't lose its capital status on takeover.

Incomplete examples of Historical Figures:
    Kings: Èrith Oilyzeal, Solon Boltedsculpt.
    Generals: Obok Furlances, Ùshrir Calmquake, Tekkud Craftssplatters, Athel Boltcobra, Èrith Focusspear, Rovod Fountainroots, Ingish Spryfountain.
    Barons: Many, including Oddom Glacialtorches, Amost Theaterblush, Sibrek Whippedstake, Kûbuk Hairsacks.
    Outpost liaison: Udil Charmpicks
    Diplomat: Mafol Reigngirders
Eight of the nine dwarven civs lost their capitals in worldgen, but this is the only capital taken over by a civilization.

Queen Solon Boltedsculpt murders her own generals: Ùshrir Calmquake in 190, and Rovod Fountainroots in 241. Probably undesirable behavior.

In 232, the goblin Athel Boltcobra became the general of The Palisade of Fences. He's pretty much a mystery too: one of the first of his kind, he'd been living in dwarven Grizzleboulder (founded in 59) forever, doing nothing until he suddenly decided to get a job in 226. He was never previously a member of a goblin group or civ, but decided to join the occupiers in Mirrorsurge when he was made general. I'm thinking he was back-generated - he became a general for the site as his first event, which meant his personal details were filled in as racially goblin culturally dwarven.

Vucar Standardtake is the only Baron I've found who didn't move to Mirrorurges.

Children may move to other dwarven cities in the parent civ, without accruing goblin history. If they stay in Mirrorurges they join the goblin group and do not later move away to dwarven settlements.

In 208, Zulgar Silverguard, the son of baroness Mosus Taxwork, decided to become a baby-snatcher, a first for a dwarven civilization. He only snatched humans during his career and placed them in the capital of a goblin civ he had nothing to do with; he was never a member, and it's not the parent civ of The Terror of Trade.
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.rar of the region1 folder is at http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=8906 [^]
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It seems, that civilisation and race are not respected in settlement and positions. I think goblins should not settle in dwarven or human settlements for no reason.
Did you visit the fortress in adventure mode? This bug could also be related to a bug I reported yesterday: http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=7060 [^]