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0000722Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Embark/Setuppublic2010-04-07 09:142016-05-18 12:24
Toady One 
0000722: Embark profile warns that fish not available, but they actually are
When I load a saved embark setup, I get warned there is no good (for example cave lobster) available to embark with, but when I go to the items screen to select something new, cave lobster will be available as an embark item.
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2010-04-07 10:08   
I suspect this is related to 0000135 -- the item you saved was female lobsters, but only male lobsters are available, or something.
2010-04-08 03:08   
That's odd - I searched for issues with the word embark in them, but did not find the one you linked.

However, I don't think it is related. As when I open my saved embark set and get the no lobster warning, I still have two lobster items available in the following add embark items list. So I doubt it's a male/female issue.
2010-04-08 22:41   
I have the same issue often, always for cave lobster. I can still go back in and add the cave lobster and it shows up twice
2010-04-16 07:41   
just chiming in. Cave lobster is in my saved embark profile, and i get the warning.

manually searching for 'CAVE' shows both male/female cave lobsters, which i just readd.
2010-04-16 08:10   
I have made the same observation, for cave lobster as well as for cave fish.

In all cases there were duplicate entries in the menu for selecting cave lobsters and/or -fish as new item.
So obviously both, male as well as female cave lobsters/fish were available for my dwarven civilization.
2010-04-26 20:57   
1. save an embark profile including as many different types of fish as possible.
2. start a new fortress using this saved profile
3. look over the warning screen and notice all types of fish are flagged.
4. look at the new items list and try to add fish, some or all of the fish are likely to be available.

This seems to happen with All of the double entry fish. It throws one warning about each type of fish in your profile at embark, and removes both entries. It does this even if the fish is available.
2010-04-26 21:08   
DoctorZuber: so this doesn't happen with meat, only (vermin-sized) fish?
2010-04-26 21:10   
the only one I can confirm is the double entry fish, I don't have any double entry meat in the profile that I am aware of but I'll keep looking.
2010-04-26 21:59   
Copied from a soon-to-be-child report....
I'll confirm that this occurred in my game.
I concur with Zuber's guess that it's related to the gender tagging. It seems likely that the game loses track of the gender tag during saving (since it's meat - it doesn't matter if it was a male or female fish once it's dead), but looks for the gender again once the profile is loaded. Butchered meat seems immune most of the time - the gender differentiation is presumably lost in the processing?
2010-05-01 13:48   
okay, I can confirm all these fish.

- cave lobster
- cave fish
- turtle
- lungfish

All of these are double-fish. I haven't been able to find any other double entries in the embark menu.
2012-02-28 00:31   
Still happens in 0.34.02 (thanks footkerchief, didn't find this one in the search)
2014-08-22 10:47   
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