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0007226Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Questspublic2014-07-13 13:302020-02-11 03:57
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0007226: Prisoners with amnesia and no family. Can't be fully "rescued", won't leave party
I found an elven prisioner walking around as a traveler. I asked him what happenned and offered to bring him to safety. When asked about the incident, he'd admit not to remember clearly. When asked about the journey (Where should I take you?) He'd answer not to have any family (As legends mode showed me, he was one of the first of his kind).

I was therefore unable to bring him to safety, or to stop travelling together.
As found on Legends mode, he was abducted by a night creature, which may have to do with the "amnesia".
family, First of his kind, Intentional/Expected?, prisoner
has duplicate 0010657resolved Loci Prisoners with amnesia 
related to 0007738new  Prisoners can join adventuring party as adventurers 
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2014-07-13 13:43   
Can you cancel your agreement and abandon him?
2014-07-13 13:54   
I had the same sort of thing happen. I wasn't able to cancel the journey because the journey submenu doesn't appear for the rescued slave.
2014-07-18 17:20   
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2015-12-22 23:07   
still happening in 0.42.3

I visited a town that was under attack from an army, and offered the lord to come escape with me. I was then unable to dismiss him.
2020-02-11 03:57   
Still happening in 47.02 (world generated in 47.01). Every dwarven hillocks visited by my adventurer has contained a few goblin prisoners in the centre of town. Once they join the party, they cannot be dismissed: "Bring up the journey together" yields the response "I have no family to speak of", after which the main conversation menu appears. As per the comment above, the same bug occurs with characters who were rescued from a dwarven fortress: this seems to be related to issue 0010237, "War/marching army rescue is wonky."