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0007238Dwarf FortressCivilizations/Entities -- Populationspublic2014-07-13 16:312020-02-15 12:32
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0007238: Demon overlord taken prisoner by human conquerors joins their civilization
I had a world with an antelope demon ruling a goblin civilization; when a human civ conquered it she was take prisoner.
A few years later the human leader of the site where she was held prisoner died of old age and the demon, being the most qualified entity there, was given her job.

I can understand kidnapped infants and children joining their kidnappers' civilization since they would be raised in it, but I doubt that ageless immortal fire-breathing antelope monsters would be quite as willing to adapt.

Overall this isn't so much a bug as it is the game handling a feature in an odd way, but it should definitely be fixed at some point.
Maybe make it so that adult prisoners don't integrate into their kidnappers' societies like children do and are instead held prisoner indefinitely or executed.
Maybe in some future update they could also be swapped for prisoners taken by the other side.
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child of 0003771new  Demonic prisoners can become civ leaders while still prisoners 
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I saw this in 0.34.11 quite often, and only ever with demons. I always thought it signified a demon talking his way into the good graces of his captors.
Knight Otu   
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This is probably the same issue as 0003771, just with site leadership rather than civ leadership, but I'll child it for now.
2020-02-15 12:32   
Still occurs in 47.02, though to add, demons with mining-deep-disasters are more common than goblin masters in this version & this list is not solely defined by demons, and anecdotally mummies & opposed to life/experiments can also be captured and integrated.

Only Dwarves pernamently lock up captured immortal practitioners by means of local justice instead of war, a recommended fix would be to have enslavement applied as a possible ethic punishment.