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0007316Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- AIpublic2014-07-14 21:442014-07-14 21:54
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0007316: Willing Companion murders me
I killed a Lady at one point, then retired my adventurer. When I come back to the adventurer, everyone hates me. I found a guy who calls me murderer, asks if he wants to come adventurer with me. He says sure, we leave. In the middle of the wilderness, we are sleeping, and get attacked by a giant dingo. He decides to join the dingo and kills me, despite happily taking up my service earlier.

Not sure if this a bug or not, but it seems to be one in the companion AI, that they join you despite disliking you.
1.Get hated
2.Find companion
3.Get murdered
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duplicate of 0006306new  Companions can be untrustworthy 
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