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0007378: Some walls have 'open space' above them
I've started a fortress and after having build a slew of andesite blocks, began building above ground edifaces. What I have found is that SOME of these wall blocks have open space above them while others do not. There appears to be no visual difference between the two... both are blocks (as opposed to rough), both are walls as opposed to fortifications... so, shrug. This causes a failure to have a walkable perimeter to build from. Apologies if this is a duplicate; I did some text searches but saw nothing obviously the same in the short time I had to devote to this.
Make blocks, build 3x3 rooms surrounded by block walls (andesite in my case, but may not be andesite specific) ... continue until some have open space above them.
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duplicate of 0007127resolved Toady One Chopping down trees that overhang constructed walls removes the floor from top of walls 
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nevermind; appears to be dupe of 0007127 after all; thanks!