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0007393Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2014-07-16 14:302014-07-16 14:35
0007393: Crashes when I visit a retired fortress
I made a game in Dwarf Fortress mode to sit right next to a goblin fortress, then immediately retired it because I wanted to see what the dwarves would create in about two weeks of work. I started another game in Adventurer mode and sent my guy over to the site. But whenever I get close to the site, the game crashes.
1) Create world. (I used Pocket, Short history, Very high civ #, Very high beast #, Very high savagery, rare mineral)
2) Start Dwarf Fortress game. Place outpost right next to goblin fortress or other "evil" site. Use auto-embark.
3) Immediately retire fortress through the ESC menu.
4) Start Adventurer game. Try to get an adventurer start location near to the Dwarf Fortress outpost. I set my adventurer as a demi-god, high master axedwarf or swordsman, highest strength, agility, etc., just to make surviving easier.
5) Navigate to the outpost location.
Sometimes, the game allows me to start the Adventurer mode directly from the new DF outpost I just created. In that case, it crashes immediately.
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duplicate of 0006915resolved Toady One Crash when starting adventurer in retired fortress 
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Should be fixed next release -- see 0006915 and 0006843.