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0007404Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2014-07-16 19:582014-08-26 20:41
Toady One 
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0007404: Merchant wagons stuck near the trade depot
Here is the save: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9026 [^]
They probably will never unload their goods..
Build a depo near ramps? And wait for the merchants with wagons
depot, pathfinding, wagon
related to 0005927resolved Toady One Traps Block Wagon Access 
has duplicate 0007409resolved Footkerchief Wagon got stuck before entering depot, trade impossible. 
related to 0007607resolved Toady One Caravans get stuck/ignore smooth walls or try to cramp in tight spaces 
related to 0008155new  Elven merchant's yak stuck near the trade depot 
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2014-07-17 00:59   
Eagleon posted a save at 0007409: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46645289/depotbug.zip [^]
2014-07-19 07:20   
I built a depot, then accidentally blocked the bridge to it with traps.

But the wagons weren't stopped, they seemed to think they could make it in. I believe, although I could be wrong, the wagons thought they could path to the depot by climbing the walls around it. So, Toady if you didn't think of this before maybe make sure wagons know they can't climb. Maybe you did think of it and it was something else I saw.

Finally, once I removed the traps and they made their way to the depot they just all sat there one square apart with the closest one square away never actually reaching it. So I mention the story in this bug as maybe climbing is related?
2014-08-08 00:49   
I'm having the same issue. I've tried various possibilities to resolve... ended up destroying 2 wagons by building a trap under them then deconstructing the trade depot to get rid of the rest.
My issue sounds more similar to 0007409 but that was closed as a duplicate to this:

My observations:
fresh 40.06 world build, fresh fort, just under 4 years in ATM (started 200, currently 204). Lost the goblin civ nearby (dwarves probably wiped them out) early on - no sieges. Humans, elves, and dwarves have been trading with me the entire time... I always provide 2-3 "ecstatic" trades per trade even if I don't need much (I've found they tend to bring more next time when doing so). I'm a barony from last trade, this time they turned my baroness into duchess.
No saves or reloads from about 5 minutes before they entered the map until the testing reloads after the bug hit.

THIS time the dwarves brought 5 wagons and a large entourage of soldiers and extra pack animals. first 2 got all the way in and unloaded correctly, 3rd seems stuck on the center post - not unloading. Other 2 wagons crammed in so each section has 2-3 "wagons" per square on the edge of the trade depot. Apparently I asked for too much leather and had the rep to get it... too much of it it seems. I don't remember seeing more than 4 wagons previously.

Steps taken so far that didn't work: Waiting it out (about 2 hours of just reloading and focusing on other things each time); Mining the entire area around the Depot to attempt to provide some movement; Blocking the wagons in then removing the obstacles; Creating a secondary Depot (last wagon turned around and left the map, but others did not follow. Adds to the strange); Just destroying the 2 wagons sticking out (they were horrified by the wagon breaking, but even though other wagons were offloaded did not resume trading once the fear wore off); just deconstructing the trade depot (lots of miasma after they sat for about 10 minutes, otherwise useless); Gave up, destroyed the outer 2 wagons, deconstructed the depot, began dumping the food outside to prevent miasma, started posting this.

To note in quick response to similar posts: My ramps are more than 4 squares away from the Depot around a slight corner; I don't have any hatches/grates/floor constructions in the area; my "scary stuff" is far off and out of sight... I don't see any way that could have affected anything.

Hopefully this wall of text is enough description... I'll set myself to monitor this - if anyone has further questions I'd be glad to answer. Stupid autosave hit and it's not backing up even with "backups" "seasonal"ly enabled.
2014-08-08 06:47   
Another save would be helpful. You can upload to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2014-08-09 12:23   
(edited on: 2014-08-11 00:08)
Please note I did say that my last save before the bug was years ago - so don't ask for that. I did manage to get the seasonal backups working though so if it happens again I'll be glad to post it up.

Update from last post: in year 205 humans sent 4 wagons, no bug. Then Dwarves sent about 12 pack animals (in addition to the caged "trade" animals), around 15 traders, approx 20 military, and 7 wagons... looks like everything loaded correctly into the Depot. Nothing about the layout or requests have changed.
I DID however notice that a lot (possibly most) of the items dropped from the broken up "bugged" wagons were "grown" and other elf-only type items... so either the trade between unmanaged civ's is now being recorded (awesomely) or that specific trade group had bugged to carrying elven items instead of Dwarven.

Updated again:
I'm now to year 206 (6th year in the fort), and caught a different bug (The humans suicided their wagons after trading with me causing mass panic). I'll find a more similar post or create a new report for it.

--So it appears that this bug only appears for me when I've told them to send items to the Depot BEFORE the merchants arrive at the depot; When they are on the map, but still in route to depot. Waiting until they have all arrived before designating crates to be moved appears to be a workaround.

Toady One   
2014-08-14 13:36   
I've fixed the error with the reported save -- there was a simple AI error causing certain wagons not to unload.