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0007430: Random Mangled Falling Dwarf
I got a battle report in which the dwarf recieved the full force of the impact to all limbs and the trunk, bruising the bone in every case. The dwarf was under a 3 z level high tree, yet the corpse showed up as mangled. The corpse does not get noticed by dwarves and no message about how the dwarf died shows up. The dwarf is listed as missing. Numerous ground and underground creatures missing, no battle reports though.
Not yet able to reproduce, probably random.
The dwarf was a hateful, sadistic creature. Good riddance.
falling, suicide, tree
duplicate of 0006586needs feedback Footkerchief Carpenter climbs multi-block trees to die 
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They did notice him after all. Still no death cause. Sorry about the category. DAmage was done over 2 days.
Either repeated unsuccessful suicide or foul play. I suspect elves.