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0007461Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Invasionspublic2014-07-18 14:332014-10-12 07:45
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Windows 7
0007461: Unretired fort gets 1000+ goblin invaders
Embarked on a volcano, messed up my lava tank, fortress starts flooding. Decide to retire the fort to see how the game deals with the slowly-flooding fortress. Passed by several in-game months with adventuring, decided to unretire fort.

Fort was as I'd left it, lava level had not increased and population was still only 9. Unpaused and immediately a goblin invasion arrives. Invasion kept increasing in numbers and shows no signs of stopping, currently at over 1,000 goblins (and also a human adventurer I retired at the site of a dark fortress). Fort doesn't seem to have anything especially valuable?
Not sure if it is, but you could always do what I did in the description and see if that works.
Could very well be an infinite number of goblins but my computer can't handle the steadily increasing number.

Save file https://www.dropbox.com/s/gdhu67eporwdkpb/region2.rar [^]
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I suspect this is intentional, and your civ is likely at war with their own. I'll take a look at the save and see what's up?
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I tested the save and the goblins kept spawning all the time I played, until the last dwarf stepped on magma while hunting for vermin and became !!expedition leader!!...
At the end there were 1356 creatures in the Other tab, including 4 wild animals, 1 human adventurer and 1351 goblin siegers.
I think large invasions may be intentional because they happen to non-player sites, but 1300+ of goblins is a little too much simply because computers can't handle it well.

Note to OP:
What forces of evil made you think it is a good idea to make your magma cistern one z-level ABOVE your main corridor and not install doors anywhere? D:
This fortress was definitely too !!Fun!! to survive...