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0007511: Trolls in Dark Pits and Goblin Towers always attack the goblins.
I've noticed that the trolls always attack the goblins that reside with them, not sure if it's some form of loyalty cascade or simply that the loyalty isn't being applied properly.

Not sure whether its the goblins attacking the trolls first or the trolls attacking the goblins first since I end up seeing the aftermath with some trolls attacking the goblins.
Go to any dark pit or dark tower occupied by both goblins and trolls, witness the trolls attacking the goblins.

Might have to use DFhack or some other tool to use reveal all to see the actual start of it.
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Please upload a save that demonstrates the problem to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and post the link here.
2014-07-20 09:47   
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Edit: Oops, I accidentially saved over the one that I was going to use, I'll post one the next time I visit a dark pit.

2014-07-20 16:24   
(edited on: 2014-07-20 17:18)
Got one, didn't really catch the start of it though, but I do have a save of when I entered the area.

Trying to catch it in action as it starts or at least when they initiate attack.

Edit4: Removed the initial site save I had as I'm trying to catch it in action for sure.

Edit: This particular one is being stubborn in getting the goblins and trolls to encounter..... There IS human in the troll pit that gets killed, so maybe someone with reveal all or something can zoom into that.

Edit2: I think I'll just go to a different one.

Edit3: It is EXTREMELY difficult for me to catch it in action, but it happens.

2014-07-20 17:39   
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http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9096 [^]

As for the kid still alive, you could either try waiting a while to see if it gets attacked or scare the kid by walking near and bragging and wait a bit, not exactly sure what triggers it.

Edit: Sometimes the kid still alive gets attacked, sometimes not, seems a little random. Still, the save is there for experimentation, though boasting seems to work.

2018-09-07 03:54   
Still happens 44.12, partly related it seems to over-population of respective beak dog, trolls & goblins of which there are often hundreds on site at once slogging it out, dropping FPS with pathing to attach each other besides moving making the whole site draw to a crawl or crash.

Though trolls quickly over-power the sporadic outbursts of anger propensity driven goblins, but many observed (from a safe distance as a goblin entity adventurer ideally) violent fights just start for no reason other than close proximity