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0007521Dwarf FortressMap Featurespublic2014-07-20 14:472018-01-19 17:06
Toady One 
0007521: burning leaves over walls won't make floor appear (at least in arena mode)
this is basically bug 7127, only for the case that leaves are burnt instead of the tree getting chopped.
however I have only tested it with the water+magma walls in arena mode.
create water+magma under leaves/branches in arena mode.
burn tree with magma.
related to 7127 and 7130.
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related to 0007127resolved Toady One Chopping down trees that overhang constructed walls removes the floor from top of walls 
related to 0007130resolved Toady One you can climb diagonally through walls if there are twigs above the wall 
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