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0007570Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Invasionspublic2014-07-22 18:182014-08-06 13:55
Toady One 
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0007570: Undead invaders do not path to fortress
All undead invasions I have received have resulted in the invaders sitting on the border they invade from, neither the necromancers or undead soldiers will path to my fortress. Necromancers will flee from the map if approached, the undead however will just kill whoever approaches them, and then mill around in the area they kill the dwarf. errorlog shows "camp order missing parent -- army will camp forever". On one occasion the necromancer did path, but not to the fortress, but instead a corpse on the surface.
Cannot really reproduce reliably given it relies on an undead invasion. But it has occurred on my last 4 games, on 4 different maps created in regular mapgen with the following settings: Size Small, History Short, Civs Low to High, Sites Very High, Beasts Very High, Savagery Very High, Minerals Frequent.
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Forgot to mention, this occurs on 5x5 Embark, unsure of other sizes.
2014-07-22 21:08   
I have encountered this same issue with undead sieges. I have had necromancers try and sneak into my fortress, but when discovered they run in fear if not trapped. Any undead on the map will not path and will wander around randomly until dwarves approach very close. Can replicate moderately reliably by embarking near multiple towers and rapidly increasing value until a siege arrives.
2014-07-30 02:41   
happened on 40.05 from a twitch streamer he also had a 5x5 embark, 1 undead zombie sat on the edge of the screen after a year it left and then again with an actual siege of an undead army of maybe 20.
2014-08-04 12:39   
MightyEvilPunk posted a save at 0007840: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9281 [^]
2014-08-04 13:16   
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This is also true for undead in evil biomes: they will not move upon entering the map. Undead creatures that start on the map are the only ones who move.

Edit: this note references .40.03, I don't know about later versions.