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0007578Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2014-07-23 00:482014-08-06 23:50
Intel i3-2100@3.10G. - 8Go RAMWindows 8 X648
0007578: Serious FPS dropdown on enemies' sites
Dwarf Mode: I "Just Embarked" on a Goblin site by curiosity.
The FPS dropdown to 4 when playing!
Please note this Goblin site is not so complex.
1. Activate the FPS (YES) in your init.txt
2. Download this save => http://www.arcade-history.com/temp/region1.zip [^]
3. "Continue playing" => Load the save
4. Try to play by removing the Pause.
5. The FPS will dropdown badly.
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duplicate of 0007526confirmed Dwarfu Dark towers contain thousands of goblins and trolls, causing lag 
related to 0007154resolved Toady One Maxed-out animal populations cause lag in dwarf/goblin sites 
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2014-07-30 01:01   
Still HIGHTLY SLOW on 0.40.05. FPS = 4 when playing.
2014-07-30 03:14   
(edited on: 2014-07-30 03:15)
I retired your fortress and loaded the legends into world viewer.
The dark fortress nearby has inside or underground :
1114 goblins
800 trolls
137 humans
6 elves
8 dwarves
1 demon

The towers around feature each +/- 100 goblins inside or underground

So in the end you have a really huge goblin population on your embark, goblin site are usually generating heavy slowdown in adventure mode due to their overpopulation (not seen on other civ sites) and i see with that save that it's not really better in fortress mode.

I'm not sure if there's a multiplier hardcoded, but i noticed in all generated world goblin site has more than 4 or 5 times the amount of population every other civilisation has at any point of time (small history or long one).

2014-07-30 06:38   
Could be related to the lag in 0007722.
2014-07-30 08:10   
@Robsoie: I already ran a fortress with MORE units on the map and the FPS were correct.
2014-07-30 08:38   
Goblins always overpopulate my worlds.