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MacMac OS10.9.4
0007677: Trade caravan can not leave area and wagons are listed as missing
I sent my broker to trade depot to meet first caravan. Refused to trade (had no goods to trade and wanted to just check their stock). Then i came back to other fortress-related work. After a while i'd got a message "merchants have embarked on their journey" and, minute later, i found that their trade goods are still at depot, while they are stuck on a hillside near my fortress. Some of merchants/guards were sitting on a treetops. Also their wagons just disappeared, later i found them in a "Deceased/Missing" section of Unit list. I tried to reboot game, and then digging out that hill and removing trees near merchants but this didn't help.
Not sure if it's related, but error log said "camp order missing parent -- army will camp forever" 14 times.
Also my broker was assigned to noble list just after i requested "trader at the depot". if i recall correctly, i assigned that dwarf who voluntarily moved to depot.

P.S. just to mention (i don't think it's linked to this issue too), no "mods" were installed, but i changed color/tileset/resolution data in init.txt and copied over custom color.txt from 40.03. also some of interface.txt buttons were remapped.
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duplicate of 0007619acknowledged Loci Traders frigthtened by wild animals won't pack up and leave. 
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UPD: just removed my trade depot and now all dwarf merchants disappeared (not present, not listed in unit screen), but their horses now slowly moving to the edge of map, pretending that they are dragging not-existing wagons