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0007681Dwarf FortressUndeathpublic2014-07-28 01:042018-12-02 13:39
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0007681: Living and Undead Goblins attacking together peacefully but failing to path correctly
After the "The Dead walk, hide while you still can!" announcement, roughly ten living goblins and four goblin corpses appeared, not attacking each other, and I thought that undeads oppose all life would've made them hostile to the live goblins? Unless goblins work for necromancers now, so im not sure if that part is a bug or not. Either way: I closed the entrance to the fort so after they killed a few animals they returned to the edge of the map and are just lounging there even after I've re-opened the entrance.
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duplicate of 0008631confirmed Footkerchief Necromancer sieges arrive with living soldiers, results in lingering on map edge and other problems 
related to 0002332new  Goblin invaders not attacking open fortress on opposite side of map 
related to 0008099confirmed Footkerchief Undead not pathing to fortress. 
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I have the same issue with the undead. The only difference is that I never closed my entrance. I even placed a bait animal (sorry Mrs. Peahen, I shall "care" for your family) but they just slowly spread out in random directions until some poor wildlife happen to come within 5 or so blocks, at which point they gave chase at a normal speed. The necromancer ran one season after arrival once witnessing his minions slaughter an otterman.
2016-04-13 10:10   
Similar example save in 42.06:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=11945 [^]

Living invaders are non-necromancer Dwarves, not Goblins.
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