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0007706: FPS tanks when a Fey Mood dwarf can't path to workshop they've claimed
A clothier dwarf went Fey Mood on me and took a seat in my Dining Hall. I didn't have a Clothier's Shop so I built a wall around him in case he went berserk and quickly built a Clothier's Shop. As soon as the shop was complete the alert for "Fey Mood has claimed workbench" came up but the wall was still around the dwarf so he couldn't reach it. FPS instantly tanked from 0000073:0000070 to 9.

After I removed the wall the Fey Mood dwarf ran to the workshop and FPS returned to normal.

I'll update a save when I get a chance, it's during the FPS lag while I was trying to remove the wall.
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duplicate of 0007284resolved Toady One Lag when dwarves stuck in a tree get a strange mood 
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