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0007801Dwarf FortressGeneralpublic2014-08-02 13:552014-08-02 17:07
0007801: Heat transfer behaves weirdly
What melts faster, a human animated corpse on a 1/1 pool or one in a 7/7 pool?
Both melt at the same time.

The way DF handles temperature and heat transfer, it's impossible to make limbs melt. So, in a magma tile, no matter the amount of magma, what happens is this: the sensible parts (cheek, lips, eyelids) burn/melt/ignite and then the extremities (toes, foots, hands) and then the rest of the body. As the heat is uniformly distributed, parts will not melt, but they will suffer heat damage, ignite, burn and will already be dead before melting. For some reason (a bug, I assume) hair (and apparently skin also) will burn ad infinitum sometimes or until the victim die or gets to water.

While a 7/7 magma title would theoretically lead to faster heating of the tile and all around melting, this doesn't occur and the game behaves the same while transferring heat independent of how much magma a tile has.
Do the 1/7 and 7/7 magma pool test with an undead in the arena and chronometer the time the undead takes to melt. Undead are necessary because humans bleed to death before actually melting, which is a minor problem on itself.
Make sure to male undead parts melt-able.
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