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0007898: Merchants attacked but unharmed collapse and stop moving
As some merchants were trading at my depot a wereiguana came swimming up the river and surfaced right next to them. It was immediately slaughtered by the merchants' bodyguards without getting a single attack in, but in the brief moment it was visible the merchants all panicked and collapsed to the ground in blubbering heaps.

This is a rare example of morale working (somewhat) properly, but it's still terribly buggy; although the merchants are no longer horrified they remain prone and immobile, and although they have supposedly embarked on their journey they have still not moved from the spots where they fell. Their wagons also mysteriously vanished and shortly afterwards I noticed a handful of wagon wood cabinets being built by my carpenters. It also seems that their trade goods have been reassigned to me, as there are a large number of bone crafts that I'm positive I traded away lying around the depot marked as mine.

The bodyguards seem fine, probably because none of them panicked in the first place, but they refuse to leave the immobile merchants and I'm worried about what will happen when these highly-trained, well-armored killing machines go mad from being unable to leave.
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duplicate of 0007595confirmed Footkerchief Merchants petrified with fear by were-creatures 
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