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0007963: Overloaded Butcher's Shop produces unusable bugged skins.
I had an overloaded Butcher's shop due to a lack of stockpiles, with tons of bones/hooves/skins sitting in the center of the shop. Tanners will not take skin from this overloaded shop, so this leaves the skin to rot.

Unfortunately, this makes all fresh (unrotten, newly butchered) skins produced by the overloaded Butcher's shop be unusable. Creating a stockpile to store the fresh hides and/or destroying the butcher & tanning shops will not make the fresh skins be usable.

The only solution is to build a new butcher's shop and leave the bugged fresh skins somewhere else. I tested it and all hides produced from the new butcher shop are usable, so the bug does not transfer to newly produced hides from different workshops.
-Bugged hides from the overloaded shop were not forbidden, or inaccessible.

-The game still treats the bugged hides as 'fresh', since they are being transported to the fresh hide stockpile instead of the rotten hide stockpile. The Tanners' tan order will be disabled however, because the game thinks you only have rotten hides left.

-Auto-Hide is enabled, and it successfully tans hides from newly built butcher shops. It only ignores the bugged fresh hides.

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duplicate of 0000434resolved Toady One Reaction jobs (unlike other jobs) don't look outside burrow for workers and raw materials (works through manager) 
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2014-08-11 15:27   
Is your tannery in a burrow? Is it set to only use items from that burrow? (see 0000434:0028596)
2014-08-11 17:53   
Yes they were (tanners) in the new burrow I set up about a year ago to prepare for the 40.07 invasions.

Also, it turns out that the place I built the replacement butcher shop was inside the burrow, so the "bug fix" I found was just a lucky placement spot.

Thanks for the quick reply, I was in the midst of trying to replicate the "bug".
2014-08-11 18:29   
Thanks for the update!