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0007969Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Generalpublic2014-08-11 20:292014-08-11 21:02
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pcwindows7, 64 bit
0007969: wooden walls constructed of random materials
ordering a wall constructed of wood works fine. the dwarves construct the wall using the wooden logs as expected. however when examines the wall is actually made of completely random materials. i have a wall currently 30+ tiles longs with almost no repetition in the wall material. everything from ice, glass, coral, metal, stone and 'unknown material'. deconstruction of wall leaves no building materials behind.
embark. chop tree, build wall from tree.
site also contain underwater volcano.
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duplicate of 0007937resolved Toady One Constructed walls/fortifications require only 1 build material regardless of dimensions 
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This was fixed in 40.08