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0007998: Area above mushroom "walls" classified as open space, dropping onto it causes you to fall forever then crash
I tried climbing down one of the troll pits in a goblin settlement and when I reached the bottom I found it intersecting a tower cap tree. It looked like when the pit generated it sheared the top off the mushroom, leaving behind an empty void that lacked material properties since it never would have been seen or touched if the mushroom had generated normally.
Letting go of the wall while over what should have been the upper "floor" section of the "walls" that make up the mushroom's structure caused me to become stuck in "flying" status, gradually becoming thirstier and more drowsy until the game mercifully crashed.
Climb down the side of one of the holes found in Dark Pits, the ones that connect to the first cavern layer. See if the pit generated in such a way that its bottom end opens up inside a mushroom tree and check for any anomalies caused by it.
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Still in 40.16, and here's a save that can be used to reproduce it. I didn't wait until I got thirsty because I'm a necromancer and I end tasked the program once I realized what was happening there.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=10092 [^] Just jump to the right and don't grab the wall. One of my zombies (the one just east of me) may actually be affected by this, at least it seems to be stuck anyway.

I did a quick test by climbing up a little and then falling onto the top there, time seemed to be frozen instead of going by when I got stuck in flying status. Waited a few minutes, but I didn't crash.

Edit: The troll corpse apparently can dodge because it's doing that while I'm trying to dislodge it from there. So, I don't know if it's in flying state or not.