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0008050: Siege broken by a kitten
Five of the six invading goblins made their way into my fortress, where they were confronted by my pet cat exploring the corridor. I wouldn't have been too surprised if they'd run in horror for a bit, but after the leader was (quite briefly) horrified, instead of resuming the attack, the stalwart resistance posed by the feline was enough to convince them to run all the way off the map.

The sixth goblin hadn't worked out how to walk, and just sat at the edge of the map, maintaining the siege, until my militia went to pay her a visit. At that point she did attack, and had her upper body crushed by a warhammer.

While this is probably related to the widespread discipline problems, the fact that it led to them breaking off sieging behaviour might also be worth looking into.
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duplicate of 0007161needs feedback Dwarfu Morale is screwy across all modes 
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Seems more like the kitten was just the last straw that broke the camels back, so to speak.

Though yeah, I agree that it's related to the morale/discipline problems.
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If you have a save that demonstrates the problem, please post the link at 0007161.