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0008245Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Combatpublic2014-09-05 08:302014-09-05 12:39
0008245: Crash when blocking attack by an opponent who's about to die
When you block an attack made by a no-armed troll, the game just churns and churns away, but you're not getting to ever do anything else again.

This isn't _technically_ a crash - maybe eventually something would come and kill you or you'd starve or something, but it's no better from a gameplay perspective.
Chop arms off a troll. (In each case I chopped at least one leg or foot off too, if that matters) Wait for it to be "attacking you". Choose the third option to block.
I have a save game for this set aside if you want it.
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The save wouldn't hurt. Does it reproduce in 0.40.11?
2014-09-05 10:46   
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Just tried it out in 40.11 arena mode with a troll while controlling a BC, not getting any crashes or freezes.

Also did it with an ogre, no issues.

2014-09-05 12:30   
OK, I think I know what happened. The troll actually dies of blood loss on the NEXT turn, even if you don't attack it. So it isn't the armlessness (or not just that) but the death that matters. Because I tend to cut them up the same way this must have happened with the other two also, but after you stop moving there's no way to tell how many turns it took them to die.

I've uploaded the save at http://dffd.wimbli.com/download.php?id=9615&f=region6+%28just+block+and+you%27re+done%29.zip [^] . Just block the next shot, and you're done. At least this save is still bugged in 40.11.