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0008261Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2014-09-08 13:472017-12-01 13:46
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0008261: Dwarves won't haul/dump/bury some bodyparts of a turned weredwarf
Werelizard bits dwarf, dwarf turns into werelizard miner, werelizard miner is cut to pieces and ends listed in dead/missing

- Some parts are hauled to the refuse stockpile:
    mutilated corpse
    left upper leg
    fourth toe
    left hand
    right upper arm

- One part is left in the ground, inside, rotting, stinking the place:
    right lower arm

- There are available refuse stockpiles
- There are available coffins, enabled for citizens and pets
- Dwarves gather refuse, from outside, gather vermin remains
- This part is not {forbidden}
- This part cannot be 'D'umped either into a garbage zone either

No job is being generated to haul this body part
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duplicate of 0002197acknowledged Loci Corpse stuck on impassible/inaccessible workshop tile, can't be buried unless workshop is removed 
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2014-09-08 14:57   
Please upload a save that demonstrates the problem to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and post the link here.
2014-09-08 15:16   
The problematic item "Avuz Ingizfeb's rotten right lower arm" is in z-level 143 in a tile adjacent to the 3x3 stairway

The rest of this dwarf bodyparts are in the refuse stockpile outsize in z = 146

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9648 [^]
2017-12-01 13:44   
Thank you for the save. The rotten arm is stuck in an impassible tile of your carpenter's workshop (0002197). Deconstructing the workshop freed the arm, and it was promptly hauled off to the refuse pile.