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0008267Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- AIpublic2014-09-09 22:042014-10-28 16:47
0008267: Companions retain hostile stance toward new recruits
Companions are still hostile towards new companions after being invited to join if said companion was in a hostile situation before (like an ex-bandit)

Furthermore, I have never seen the new recruit fight back against the older companions
Find a companion
Find some bandits
Demand that the bandits yield
Try to recruit one of the bandits
Your original companion is pretty mad with the new guy and kills him, new guy refuses to fight back
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related to 0003685needs feedback Dwarfu Goblin squads invading a fortress will kill their non-goblin squadmates, sparking loyalty cascade 
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This would go into the whole pool of morale issues in 0007161.