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Toady One 
0008342: Werebeast arrives, attacks livestock and dwarves but is not attacked by dwarves while in its werebeast form.
Reproduced this 4 or 5 times now. A werebeast arrives, move marks dwarves up to shoot it but they just stand around, watching were kill fellow dwarves and fort livestock or if attacked simply defend themselves(or fail to and die). I thought it was just a marksdwarf issue but after reloading and trying with a fresh formed melee squad and looking closely at the log I realised noone was attacking the were, military or civilian, only defensive or mind observations in the log. On the example of a wererhino log(the save is at the point of beast arriving) a dog lives long enough to register attack attempts, with one dog bite hitting it.
Once the were reverts to its base race form squad kill orders placed on the beast are obeyed. The world was generated back in 40.10.

Using the DFSP 40.13r1 + TWBT 5.12
Load either example save, allow time to pass, review log for combat.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9781 [^]
Almost certain this is unrelated to the werebeast issue but if you look in the cavern you will see a FB. It arrived in spring 552(going from my memory) its roamed around the water killing the giant toads and Giant Olms. My floor tile bridges/diggings are of little interest to it, I've watched it hop on, wander along for a bit then just hop back in to the water. It's never shown any interest in going up into the fortress (the attempted silk beast trap was built before the end of 552), even with a few puppies in one tile zones to attempt to entice it. For the last approx 6 months it has stood on that same spot, immobile and unresponsive to any passing dwarves on the walkway dug out/built. On one save scum attempt I sacrificed a miner to dig out a ramp down beside it to tempt it to interact. It webbed the miner, killed him and then wandered back to its "throne tile". Then the werebeast issue cropped up before I came up with any more bright ideas.
You might notice the forbidden boulders on the excavated marble floor above it. After channeling out the floor tile the beast just side steps them and moves backthere.
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child of 0008367resolved Toady One Soldiers not attack nearby enemy when using kill or station order. 
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Another embark (on a 40.13 genned world) where the werebeast in its beast form is able to attack dwarves but dwarves cannot attack it. They aren't even scared by it hence the "invisible", I watched one run through of this save where a dwarf picked up a dead animal to take to the refuse pile. While the were beast attacked the dwarf it moved erratically, once beast picked a fresh target the dwarf carried on with the corpse hauling job having not been concerned enough to drop its hauled load.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9858 [^]

World was genned and played on using DFSP 40.13r3 (windows). Tried loading save in a vanilla DF + Phoebus graphics (windows) install and the same thing occurs.
2014-10-04 12:37   
maybe relates to http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=8367 [^]