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0008361: 3 year old recruited into AI army (also child rescue bug).
This is actually part of a bigger bug. Having rescued an elf girl of about 3 and brought her back to her mother I managed to break the whole system I think by waiting for an hour in between the time that the child and her mother shout to to eachother because the mother was up the tree and the child was on the ground I thought I could bring the child up the tree as well (forget she is no longer part of my party).

The child dissapears and the mother while seemingly pleased also continues to raise the abduction as a pressing issue. It gets stranger, the character that seemingly gets lost in limbo between being rescued and not being rescued then turned up in the area as a recruit. Said recruit immediately ran away, making things even weirder; she is considered No Quarter (perhaps because of the goblin link?).

It seems that retiring does fix the problem though as the families are automatically reunited in their tree so the child becomes a normal child again with mother and father.
1. Rescue elf child from goblins.
2. Bring them to parent.
3. Wait one hour.
4. Speak to parent.
5. Track them down in area as a recruit.
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Still happening in 40.14

Here's one with one of those odd 'child turned recruits', there are 5 others scattered at the site. After I had finished getting the kids to that site, I went to travel mode and the moment I went into travel mode and moved, I saw the army icons split out.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=9978 [^] Cross reference the name of the unit and my completed agreements.

Going to try and do the retire-unretire, although no idea how that will affect the remaining rescued prisioners that I have.

There is also that one kid who refuses to snap out of the terrified state.

Edit: Okay, over half of them disappeared and the stuck terrified kid stayed terrified, although he soon completely snapped and went stark raving mad.

Edit3: Pff, it happened again.

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Theres a goblin dark tower where I'm getting LOADS of recruits while trying to rescue some prisoners, I can see in my kill list that they are just about all children.

I don't know if a save is still needed for this or what though.

Edit: Took another look and they're in fact, goblin civ born children.