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0008368Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Combatpublic2014-09-28 05:172014-09-28 06:53
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0008368: Military dwarves killing each other during invasion (no trantrum, no caravan)
I had an invasion of ten or so dwarves with an elf.

After engaging them my military started fighting each other. Now my fortress seems to be spiraling.

The logs are a bit confusing with dwarves on each side.
No tantrums that i know of. No attacking of caravans or guards.

There is a martial trance, but it seems like it happens after the first infighting.

I have save right after the incident, with the spiraling still taking place, will upload if requested.
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duplicate of 0008220new  Kill orders against invader abductee/resettled dwarfs causes a loyalty cascade 
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