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0008404Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshoppublic2014-10-05 16:342014-10-06 04:01
Knight Otu 
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0008404: Crops unplantable in last 45 days of final growing
Mostly appears to be a FEATURE rather than a bug, crops in the last grow-able season of the given crop will turn red and be unable to order Plant Seed jobs for the crop in question.

The bug aspect arises in crops that are year-round, such as plump helmets or most surface crops also appear unable to plant seeds in the latter half of mid-winter and all of late winter seasons.
Plant a year-round crop in all possible seasons, wait for late winter, check set building tasks for the farm. The crop in question will be red and no jobs will be generated.
Straight Vanilla version 40.13 with no mods or editing of raws
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duplicate of 0007747resolved Toady One Farm plot planting cut-off fails to work over the Winter->Spring boundary 
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Duplicate of 0007747.