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Toady One 
0008490: Migrants are sad about being separated from goblin-snatched relatives
All migrants who left family behind (first noticed with children, since they have fewer 'good thoughts') are sad about being separated from loved ones. This thought occurs multiple times, and they start experiencing stress after about two seasons.
Start a fortress. Get a migration wave. Check if any of them have family who are not at the fort. Wait for their little hearts and minds to explode with sadness.
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related to 0008479resolved Toady One Keas produce far too many vengeful thoughts by flying overhead, sending entire fortress into a stressed-out state. 
related to 0008477resolved Toady One 'sunk into depression' indicator blinks too fast to be easily seen (in adventure mode at least) 
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has duplicate 0008509resolved Footkerchief Migrants experience crippling sadness because of separation from loved ones 
has duplicate 0008545resolved Footkerchief Dwarves become stressed from being separated from a loved one, often a loved one not even in the fortress. 
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Related to 0008479 because of the new emotion and thought rewrite.

Not sure if we should make a central topic for the emotion and thought rewrite issues like for morale.

Edit: I've noticed this with some prisoners, 0008477 has an example. While the prisoner example itself isn't neccesarily a bug, I did have one who went deep into emotional breakdown and stayed in the terrified state for a long time, eventually went insane.

I also had an elven companion who occasionally went into depression while crossing a mountain range and my other companions kept massacring every kea, buzzard, and kingsnake that came nearby. Eventually fell into melancholy and I had to cancel the adventure contract and abandon her since she wouldn't have come out of it. I suspect some sort of mental instability on top of possibly getting upset over my companions killing so many animals.

Edit: Oh, the elven companion mentioned is the same as the one in the save posted at 0008485, she doesn't go insane until MUCH later into my journey over the mountains.

2014-11-02 14:15   
The effects of missing loved ones can become quite severe when about half of your population is afflicted with it:

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=10017 [^]

Peculiarly, tantrumming dwarfs seem to get stuck in place, and it seems like that triggers the continuing fights. In the continuation, i lost three more dwarfs before that episode flared out for the moment. The unstable population is still incredibly unhappy and not getting better, so i'm not in too much hope.
2014-11-02 20:47   
Yeah; missing random dwarves is a tad overpowered at the moment.

One of mine is currently wandering the halls wanting to bother my expedition leader about missing one of her numerous nephews (not her children, who are also elsewhere, but her nephew), despite having just made an artifact.
2014-11-04 20:37   
Uploaded a save:

Note Uvash Morulvetek (dwarven child)

Uvash has become haggard and drawn due to the tremendous stresses placed on her. 3x feels sad at being separated from a loved one. Note that her mother, father, 2 older brothers, 2 younger sisters, an aunt, and 2 of her uncles are within the fort. This is a backup, and despite all the comforting and meeting with expedition leader spamming that happened, she still went berserk (save lost) and decided to beat my expedition leader until he was unconscious and had a broken arm.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=10027 [^]
2014-11-06 14:07   
According to word of Toad (http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=145406.msg5788359#msg5788359 [^]), these thoughts are caused by goblin abductions. For now, removing the snatcher tag from goblins or playing worlds without goblins should provide a (dirty) fix.