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0008557Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Input/Keybinding/Macrospublic2014-11-17 00:022014-11-17 07:18
x64 Quad CoreUbuntu14.04 LTS
0008557: ALT button is not registered.
I can't use the ALT button for anything. I can't even change it in the keybindings menu, because it doesn't register ALT-presses.
Use my setup and try to use the ALT key in DF
I can probably change the keybindings so that it uses Menu or similar key instead, because those seem to work fine. Also, if the bottom row keys became generic shifting keys such as shift, ctrl, alt, then people would have much more to choose from.
ALT, Key, Ubuntu
duplicate of 0006088needs feedback Dwarfu Alt key doesn't work on Ubuntu 
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http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=46905.msg937843#msg937843 [^]

However that was unrelated information, as this problem only applies to pressing ALT keys in adventure mode, not to selectors in fortress mode which I have no problem with so far.

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I can solve this problem by jumping into water, but it is undesirable due to hitting the bottom of the river.
2014-11-17 00:55   
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I can solve this problem by unbinding the default move buttons so that 1 - 9 do not count as ordinary movement, and then binding careful move to 1-8, 1-9 or 1-8 and 0/Menu/Mode where one of those is up/down on the same spot.

My key bindings are the following, starting with south to the left (1), southwest (2), up to southeast to the right (8) and Mode (Alt Gr) is up/down on the same spot.

It is so that it is easy to count from either south or southeast, and I think I will add 9 to the keys so that it becomes south (starting from south at both ends, that is)

2014-11-17 01:02   
Also, I changed "Confirm attack" to Menu and "Freshest tracks" to Ctrl+k
2014-11-17 07:16   
Are you sure this isn't a problem with your OS's keyboard configuration?